Sentient Jet To Introduce Charter Booking via Text

 - June 14, 2022, 10:51 AM
Sentient Jet estimates it will reach $200 million in mobile transactions this year. (Photo: Sentient Jet)

Jet card provider Sentient Jet is preparing to roll out a new service to its cardholders that will enable them to book a charter via text messaging on their mobile phones. Using an artificial intelligence (AI) functionality, the automated text-to-book service will provide card owners quotes and an option to book flights without the need for human contact. It is expected to launch in the third quarter.

Through the user-authenticated and automated service, cardholders begin the process with a series of prompts, followed by the collection of necessary trip information. They are then presented with different options and quotes for the charter. The process to book a flight takes fewer than 60 seconds, according to the Directional Aviation subsidiary.

Thirty-five percent of Sentient Jet’s bookings are currently done by way of its mobile app. With the auto text-to-book and app combined, the company is estimating it will reach $200 million in mobile transactions this year.

“We’re big believers in the future of text-based commerce and are working to pave the way to introduce more AI-like interactions into the travel industry,” said Sentient Jet president and CEO Andrew Collins. “This new way of booking is a real innovation in an already incredibly dynamic and complex market. Sentient Jet is streamlining the process in such a way that it puts the control in the users' hands.”