Tamarack Completes King Air 350 Winglet Flight Eval

 - June 17, 2022, 12:40 PM
Tamarack Aerospace's new active winglet system for the King Air 350 is called Performance Smartwing. (Photo: Tamarack Aerospace)

Tamarack Aerospace has wrapped up the flight evaluation phase of its active winglets for the Beechcraft King Air 350, the Sandpoint, Idaho-based company announced today. Called Performance Smartwing, the new winglet system showed increased endurance and payload, improved high/hot takeoff capabilities, extended loiter time, and safer and more stable flight, according to Tamarack.

Further, an early comparative analysis confirmed a 5 percent improved fuel efficiency in cruise, 10 percent better climb gradients, and a 500-pound high/hot weight, altitude, and temperature enhancement that altogether added nearly two hours of flight endurance. “The robust flight-testing program for the Tamarack Performance Smartwing King Air 350 focused on every aspect of safety and performance to ensure all modified aircraft will have been rigorously tested,” said Tamarack CEO and founder Nick Guida.

Performance Smartwing differs from Tamarack’s active winglets found on the more than 160 CitationJets in that it has features meant to address the specific needs of military King Air operators, though it also will be marketed to civil operators. Following approval for the King Air 350 winglets in the next 18 to 24 months, Tamarack also intends for the system to be certified for the King Air 200.