LABACE Convention News

Synerjet Sees Strong Market for Pilatus Aircraft

 - August 11, 2022, 12:47 AM

The Pilatus PC-24 twinjet and PC-12 NGX turboprop single at Synerjet's LABACE static display this week at São Paulo Congonhas Airport highlight the challenges of flying in rural areas in Brazil. Both are capable of operating from rough, unimproved airfields, and Synerjet not only sells them in South and Central America but also has its own service centers in Columbia and at Catarina Airport in São Roque, Brazil.

The backlog of the PC-24 is unfortunately long, so buyers placing orders today will have to wait until 2023 or 2024 to take delivery. Agribusiness customers are especially interested in the versatility of the PC-24, as well as for its large cargo door, according to Synerjet marketing chief Cláudio Cantamessa. Various combinations of seats and cargo capabilities add to its popularity. The PC-12 NGX shares the large cargo door and it is especially versatile in aeromedical operations.

The PC-24 and PC-12 aren’t Synerjet's only novelties. The company is also highlighting its partnership with drone operator Spright to start remote delivery of medical supplies between hospitals and healthcare centers. For this operation, Synerjet will use German-made Wingcopter 198 drones, which it also sells. The drone can carry a payload of six kilograms (13.2 pounds), and at a total weight of 25 kilograms, it meets ANAC class 3 regulations under which it will be certified.