Jet Token in Line for $40 Million Investment

 - August 15, 2022, 12:04 PM
From left, executive chair Mike Winston, head of sales Brenda Paauwe-Navori, and CEO George Murnane comprise the executive team for Jet Token. (Photo: Jet Token)

Las Vegas-based Jet Token has a new investment partner: Global Emerging Markets (Gem) Global Yield. Luxembourg-based Gem, which has $3.4 billion in assets, is committing to a $40 million investment in the private aircraft services provider.

Under the agreement, Jet Token will draw from the investment periodically through the exchange of common stock. The 36-month term commitment will become active following Jet Token’s public listing of common stock.

Jet Token offers fractional ownership, jet cards, and charter service with the HondaJet Elite S. Through an operating partnership with Las Vegas-based Cirrus Aviation, Jet Token clients also have access to a fleet of 20 private aircraft that range in size from light to ultra-long range jets.

Gem has completed more than 480 investment transactions in 70 countries and operates offices in Paris, New York, and Nassau, Bahamas.