Volato Spreads Its Wings with Gulfstream G280 Order

 - September 15, 2022, 10:30 AM
Fractional operator Volato, which operates a fleet of HondaJets, has inked a deal to purchase four Gulfstream G280s that are set to be delivered starting in 2024. The super-midsize jets will give its customers a larger, longer-range option, as well as attract a new set of customers with different mission profiles. (Photo: David McIntosh)

Fractional HondaJet fleet operator Volato is moving up in weight class with the announcement on Thursday morning at the JetNet iQ conference in New York that it has placed a firm order with Gulfstream for four super-midsize G280s. The operator will be the first to offer the G280 in a fractional plan, preselling shares in multiples of eighths. It expects to take its first delivery of the 10-seat twinjet in early 2024.

While the G280 offers fuel efficiency and reduced operating costs through its wing design and engine technology, Volato will also offset the carbon dioxide emissions from every gallon of fuel burned through its partnership with 4Air. Clients can access the new aircraft directly through G280 fractional shares or through their existing HondaJet program membership on an as-available basis for the additional cost over the HondaJet use.

“When we launched Volato, our strategy was to initially target the largest segment of the market that was not being directly addressed: short-haul flights with only a few passengers,” explained company co-founder and CEO Matt Liotta. “From listening to our customers’ needs and recognizing that our innovative business model is not just limited to light jets, we are excited to expand our model to larger aircraft so that HondaJet owners can fly their edge case missions that are farther, or with more passengers, while welcoming a new category of luxury private jet customer to Volato’s superior experience.”