Tamarack Signs MoU for Oxï-Zen Carbon Balancing

 - September 26, 2022, 12:52 PM
Nick Guida, founder and CEO, Tamarack Aerospace. (Photo: Tamarack Aerospace)

Tamarack Aerospace will offer full carbon sequestration for its customers’ carbon footprints under a memorandum of understanding (MoU) it signed with Yasava Solutions and its sister company Oxï-Zen.

The agreement covers Oxï-Zen’s carbon-balancing services, which instead of offsetting carbon emissions use carbon sequestration or absorption to match the carbon footprint of the emitter (aircraft operators) with the same amount of sequestration. The emitter can also select criteria for the type of converter, which “can include geolocation, type of carbon sink, and the convertor’s program to protect and enhance the carbon sink environment, [as well as] development of infrastructure in accordance with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals,” according to Tamarack. Data integrity is assured using blockchain technology.

Costs of Oxï-Zen carbon balancing depend on factors such as aircraft type, fuel usage, and carbon and fuel prices when the emitter signs up for the program. Tamarack views the collaboration with Oxï-Zen as helping potential customers elect to modify their aircraft with Tamarack’s eco-Smartwing load-alleviating active winglet technology.

“The aviation industry will not reach its goal of a net-zero carbon neutrality without meaningful collaborations like the new harmony between Tamarack and Oxï-Zen,” said Tamarack founder and CEO Nick Guida. “Our new MoU with Oxï-Zen is another example of how all of aviation can work together for a cleaner planet.”