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Large OLED Displays from Rosen Set To Bow in 2023

 - October 18, 2022, 4:49 PM
Rosen Aviation is set to add larger displays to its OLED line, with 65-inch and 77-inch models slated to debut next year. (Photo: Rosen Aviation Facebook)

Rosen Aviation expanded its portfolio of upper-end OLED displays, adding a 65-inch and 77-inch screen, both currently in development, to the product line. Both displays are part of ongoing STC projects and will be available in mid-2023.

The new units, like the rest of the line, are ground-up aviation-specific designs with sleek, lightweight profiles. The 65-inch model is expected to weigh just 36 pounds, and the 77-inch is planned to be a mere 43 pounds, Rosen reported, and both will measure one inch in depth.

“The larger sizes really highlight the amazing benefits from OLED technology,” said Lee Clark, Rosen’s senior v-p of strategy. “A comparable sized 65-inch+ LED display could weigh nearly a hundred pounds.”

Last year Eugene, Oregon-based Rosen introduced 22-inch through 55-inch OLEDs, which “have surpassed even our own expectations in market demand and sales,” said Clark. “I think we have an opportunity to eclipse our forecasts again with the latest 65-inch and 77-inch offerings.”

At last year’s introduction, Rosen noted the supply chain challenges it faced during the initial OLED launch and the innovative ways it overcame parts and material shortages. Its internal systems are now more robust and better equipped to handle any future uncertainty in the supply chain, but nonetheless Rosen advises customers to place orders for the larger displays as soon as possible, citing longer-than-usual lead times from suppliers.