Jeppesen, NBAA Coordinate on Cyber Response

 - November 14, 2022, 12:59 PM

Following the “cyber incident” that has caused problems for customers of Boeing’s Jeppesen unit, NBAA today said it is coordinating with Boeing on the response to the incident. Boeing has not confirmed to AIN that this was a ransomware attack.

Jeppesen’s website has been updated and now tells visitors, “On November 2, Jeppesen experienced a cyber incident affecting certain products and services. We immediately initiated an incident response process and are working to reactivate individual products to our hosted production environment. We continue to work to restore full functionality to all of our products and services. If you need support, please reach out to us at"

NBAA further added that Boeing “is undertaking an incident response process working with law enforcement, regulatory authorities and cybersecurity experts.”

Although notam feeds were initially affected for users of Boeing’s ForeFlight Mobile app, those have been restored. Other Jeppesen services “are coming back online on a rolling basis,” NBAA said. “At this time there is no reason to believe that this incident poses a threat to aircraft or flight safety.”

NBAA also pointed out that Jeppesen customers can download the current chart cycle using the JDM service.