AeroVisto, Vartan Team on Bizjet Cabin Refurb Service

 - December 19, 2022, 8:31 AM
AeroVisto Group and Vartan Aviation Group have partnered on “360°CabinService,” providing à la carte interior work for cabin refurbishment projects. (Photo: AeroVisto)

Aviation interior specialists AeroVisto Group of Switzerland and Germany’s Vartan Aviation Group have partnered on a new offering, “360°CabinService,” providing a full complement of à la carte interior work for any or all portions of cabin refurbishment projects on business aircraft. Tasks handled include cabin disassembly; outgoing inspection; packaging and transport; interior refurbishment; return transport and unpacking; incoming inspection and reassembly; quality inspection; and handover of the aircraft cabin to the customer.

The service offers MROs “the freedom to choose whether they want to perform these necessary tasks themselves, or whether they want to take advantage of the 360°CabinService for specific purposes,” said Vartan project engineering manager Ingo Grünewald. He called it “an ideal solution to compensate for lack of [staffing] capacity. In times of a shortage of skilled workers, it is essential that the available qualified personnel can concentrate on the core business, and that is usually aircraft maintenance.”

Project managers from Vartan and AeroVisto will serve as customer contacts and supervise the interiors specialists who remove and reinstall the interiors, which will be performed at B1-licensed MRO facilities. The allied effort was conceived by AeroVisto Interior Services CEO Hermann Bauer during a project the two companies were working on.