Charter Jet Pricing Moves Lower in January

 - January 16, 2023, 11:35 AM
Average hourly charter pricing fell in January across all categories of business jets. (Photo: Barry Ambrose)

Overall average hourly air charter pricing in the first weeks of January was lower than in December, according to the latest report from private aviation charter marketplace JetASAP.

“Entering the New Year, JetASAP fliers experienced an overall 4 percent decrease in charter rates in the first weeks of January as the industry comes out of holiday peak season travel,” JetASAP said. “This trend can be seen over all classes of jet aircraft following an overall increase from November to December in which rates increased an average of 2.6 percent.”

The pricing data is based on 2,830 quotes from customers using the JetASAP app. More than 700 charter operators are part of the JetASAP marketplace.

These declines were experienced among light, midsize, super-midsize, and heavy jets. Super-midsize jets saw the steepest drop, down 16 percent to $10,177. Light jet charter pricing fell 6 percent to $6,602, while midsize pricing slipped 5 percent to $8,083. Heavy jets fell 7 percent to $12,496. The outlier was turboprops, the pricing of which remained relatively unchanged at $4,133 after increasing in November.