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ATP To Introduce Flightdocs Enhancements at SDC

 - January 23, 2023, 9:17 AM
Flightdocs Operations is a cloud-based and ISO-certified platform that also supports a mobile solution. (Image: ATP)

ATP (Booth 227) will be introducing a suite of features to its Flightdocs Operations aviation software platform as part of its product showcase this week during NBAA’s Schedulers and Dispatchers Conference. Flightdocs Operations is a management software that uses real-time data and resource availability and can create trips, manage crew, and communicate with team members in a single, up-to-date calendar view. The added features include enhanced communication to streamline data and keep flight scheduling and trip-planning operating smoothly.

“The flight operations team can see when the aircraft is going to be down for maintenance and how long it’s going to be down, and the maintenance side of the house can see the full flight schedule and be able to predict when to best fit maintenance into the flight schedule,” said ATP v-p of product Kent Pickard. “It allows the operators to fly their aircraft safely and with more confidence up to the maintenance department limits because of the tight loop of information.”

A cloud-based and ISO-certified platform, the software also provides for the protection of passengers’ personally identifying information. A mobile solution is also available that is offline capable, allowing pilots and crews the ability to log in and fill out electronic flight logs where internet connections are not available.