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JetNet Buys ADS-B Exchange

 - January 25, 2023, 12:12 PM
ADS-B Exchange aggregates some 750,000 flight data messages per second worldwide through receivers hosted by aviation enthusiasts worldwide. (Photo: ADS-B Exchange)

Aviation data specialist JetNet is remaining on the acquisition trail, extending its reach into flight information with the purchase of ADS-B Exchange, the company announced today at the NBAA Schedulers and Dispatchers Conference. Founded in 2016, ADS-B Exchange operates a network of ADS-B, Mode S, and MLAT feeders and provides real-time and historical flight data. The company aggregates some 750,000 messages per second through receivers hosted by aviation enthusiasts worldwide.

Calling the acquisition one of several anticipated, JetNet said the addition of ADS-B Exchange will enable it to expand its flight data offering with real-time information. “ADS-B Exchange was founded as the go-to resource for aviation and flight-data enthusiasts,” said Dan Streufert, president and founder of ADS-B Exchange. “Joining forces with JetNet is the perfect match as we look to meet the business needs of our users while maintaining our enthusiast roots and unfiltered data.”

ADS-B Exchange has a range of clients from MRO and airport operations to aircraft leasing, research and academic, and government services. “We’ve long admired ADS-B Exchange and know how strategic the company’s real-time data offerings are to the aviation industry,” said JetNet CEO Derek Swaim. “The ADS-B Exchange platform will bring significant value to our customers.”

Swaim further reinforced ADS-B Exchange's flight-data sharing model: “At present, we have no intentions of changing the core way ADS-B Exchange does business. JetNet is excited to offer its resources to Dan Streufert and ADS-B Exchange to grow the receiver community, extend coverage, provide customers with the same data and solutions it does today, and accelerate ADS-B Exchange's growth."

The acquisition is the second announced following Silversmith Capital Partners' majority investment in JetNet last year. In October, JetNet acquired aircraft valuation firm Asset Insight.