Myairops, Spire Global Expand Partnership with Wx Data

 - January 30, 2023, 12:57 PM
The evolving partnership between Myairops and Spire Global will bring new weather intelligence tools to users of the Myairops platform.

Myairops is leveraging its strategic data partnership with Spire Global to integrate the latter’s weather data to enhance the former’s flight product with additional situational awareness and data insights. Previously, Spire’s global aviation data has been used to drive efficiency and automation in Myairops’s software.

With Spire’s point-optimized forecast covering airports globally, Myairops users will be automatically notified when weather conditions are outside their defined minima and will receive the latest forecast information within the platform. Considering the variables at each specific airport, Myairops will access artificial intelligence-powered location-specific weather forecasts as input into its aviation platform to allow features such as weather-based data dashboards and map overlays.

"Airports are a critical cog in the logistics sphere and exert a significant bearing on the global supply network, which is highly interconnected. A weather-related delay at one airport may require subsequent players to adjust their operations and create a ripple effect of delays,” said Mike Eilts, the general manager of weather and earth intelligence at Spire. “Spire Weather [provides] reliable, location-specific optimized weather forecasts to ensure the smooth delivery of operations.”