NBAA Guides on Aircraft Registration Extension 'Nuances'

 - January 31, 2023, 11:39 AM
(Photo: Mark Wagner)

With the FAA’s aircraft registration extension now in effect, NBAA is advising operators to remain alert of potential "nuances" involving the new timelines. The agency in late November issued a direct final rule to extend the during of aircraft registration certificates from three to seven years. That rule took effect on January 23. “The direct final rule is an excellent solution by the FAA to address the aircraft registry backlog problem,” said Scott McCreary of McAfee & Taft and chair of NBAA’s Regulatory Issues Advisory Committee. 

However, while the final rule automatically extends certificates that may expire shortly, flights outside the U.S. could face increased scrutiny from foreign civil aviation authorities, NBAA cautioned. The FAA is issuing new certificates to those impacted, focusing on the earlier expiration dates first. NBAA added the goal is to have new certificates issued by the end of March for those expiring between now and June 30.

In addition, the direct final rule extended authority to operate within the U.S. from 90 days to one year pending receipt of an official certificate. However, NBAA noted that the FAA’s backlog is about six months long, limiting operators’ ability to refile if problems arise with the paperwork. The association is advising that operators make sure their filing documents are in order.