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ATP Gains Authorization for Honeywell T55 Turboshaft Engine

 - March 5, 2023, 3:48 PM
Aircraft Technical Publications (ATP) is now authorized to produce maintenance publications pertaining to the Honeywell T55 engine. (Photo: Honeywell)

Aircraft Technical Publications (ATP) has received authorization for the Honeywell T55, giving the company the green light to produce maintenance publications pertaining to the turboshaft engine.

Honeywell Aerospace builds the T55 turboshaft engine, which has powered U.S. helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft since the 1950s. Honeywell and the T55's original designer, Lycoming, built more than 6,000 T55 engines and they have logged more than 12 million hours of operations between Boeing’s CH-47 Chinook and MH-47 helicopters. 

ATP (Booth B3534) offers information services and software solutions for the aviation industry and has partnerships with several other helicopter OEMs, including MD Helicopters, Schweizer Helicopter, and Enstrom Helicopter. The company says its aircraft maintenance software can give aircraft operators and maintenance technicians more uptime while increasing operational efficiency and going paperless. According to ATP, its customers have managed to achieve an average of a 23 percent reduction in downtime costs.

“Not only has ATP been in the business for 50 years, but we’re also in over 146 countries,” said Tim Taylor, ATP’s senior v-p of business development. “Customers all over the world rely on us to provide them with the publications that they need in order to stay compliant with regulations and keep the airplanes and helicopters safe. This is a great addition to our diverse offerings.”