Bestfly and Krimson Agree On International Tie-up

 - March 6, 2023, 1:07 PM
Nuno Pereira, managing director, Bestfly, left, and Morry Davis of Ethiopian’s Krimson, center, launch joint venture BFK Aviation with Ronaldo Alphonso, managing director of Guyana’s Xen Aviation. (Credit BFK Aviation)

Two business aviation companies in Africa have created joint venture BFK Aviation to drive industry development on the continent and beyond as the appeal of private flying gains increasing traction in emerging markets. In bridging the gap between Luanda and Addis Ababa, the tie-up between Angolan management and charter operator Bestfly and Ethiopia’s Krimson, a provider of flight support also engaged in developing sub-Saharan FBOs, gives Africa new options outside traditional business aviation growth centers in Morocco, South Africa, and Nigeria.

In a sign of its international ambition, the joint venture has signed a partnership agreement with Xen Aviation, a Georgetown, Guyana-based operator and aviation services provider. “BFK Aviation will support the needs of Xen Aviation’s expanding flight and ground services for current and future operations,” it said.

BFK Aviation intends to spur the evolution and growth of the industry in emerging markets around the globe, according to the two companies.

“Undoubtedly, we can enable and enhance credible operations in challenging and dynamic operating environments,” said Dawit Lemma, Krimson’s group chairman and CEO. “We want to harness this very specific knowledge and understanding to support stakeholders in nations that want to maximize the sector's benefits but are still at the early stages of development.”

“At Bestfly, we have worked extremely hard to create aircraft operations that are internationally respected, and we are known for our professionalism, excellence, and reliability as we have a real understanding of what it takes to service the changing demands of our international oil and gas, mining and agricultural customers,” managing director Nuno Pereira said.