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Technisonic Introduces All-band Transceiver Option

 - March 6, 2023, 12:01 AM
TDFM-9100-T6 a compact all-band AM-FM airborne radio will launch at HAI Heli-Expo 2023. (Photo: Technisonic Industries)

Technisonic Industries, a Canadian aeronautical radio and audio communications systems manufacturer, has launched the TDFM-9100-T6, incorporating the company’s T6 all-band analog airborne transceiver module into its TDFM-9100 multi-band radios. 

Until now, Technisonic has made available the T6 module only in the larger 9200 and 9300 series radios, which it designed for law enforcement applications. It introduced the 9100 model in 2014 to address the growing need of emergency medical services and special-mission operators. Technisonic’s full TDFM-9000 product line is on display this week at HAI’s Heli-Expo in Atlanta (Booth C3432). 

“The new TDFM-9100-T6 variant is simply the most capable, compact all-band AM-FM airborne radio available anywhere,” said Jim Huddock, Technisonic’s director of business development. “Without modification to the TDFM-9100’s compact dimensions…or core capabilities, Technisonic can now offer the T6 all-band analog module as an optional internal transceiver,” he said, adding that “the 9100-T6 supports all analog bands…which alone is a huge feat.”

The T6 module is a synthesized multi-band transceiver intended to provide radio communications on every channel currently available, including the very high frequency (VHF) low band at 30 to 50 megahertz, VHF omnidirectional radio range (VOR) voice at 107.9 to 117.9 MHz, VHF-AM (118 to 156 MHz), and UHF-AM (225 to 400 MHz). 

The TDFM-9100-T6 retains all the core capabilities of the 9100, including support for up to two additional P25 tri-band capable modules and two multipurpose communication ports, making it scalable for up to five communications sources.