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Enstrom Upgrades Helicopter Cockpit Displays

 - March 7, 2023, 12:00 PM
Enstrom's 2023 480B and 280FX helicopters will feature Garmin G500H TXi flight displays. (Photo: Enstrom Helicopters)

Enstrom Helicopter is offering new all-glass instrument panels for its 480B and 280FX rotorcraft. The manufacturer said on Tuesday that it will base the cockpit upgrade on Garmin’s G500H TXi electronic flight information system display.

A Mid-Continent Standby Attitude Module that provides redundant flight instrumentation in a small digital format backs up the G500 digital display. The latest cockpits will also feature the GTN 750 and 650 TXi GPS navcoms and remote-mounted transponders, as well as an audio panel and com radio options.

“The G500H’s touchscreen interface makes it quicker and more intuitive to use than the old button and knob systems,” said Enstrom engineering vice president Bill Taylor. “That’s less head-down and hands-off-the-controls time for increased safety and quicker training.”

Also part of the new fit for the 2023 480B and 280FX models is a Howell digital engine instrumentation system with fully redundant dual displays. This equipment incorporates all engine monitoring functions, as well as the airframe caution and advisory system.

“The ability for the avionics to interface with each other and utilize remote options saves panel space and simplifies operations,” Taylor explained. “And the new system’s data log will make the maintenance technician’s job much easier.”

In February, Enstrom (Booth C2820) announced that Todd Tetzlaff will take over as the Michigan-based company’s president in April, when Matt Francour retires. Tetzlaff, who has previously held engineering roles with Enstrom, has also worked for Boeing, Raytheon, and Gulfstream Aerospace.