Becker Avionics Enables Pairing of Digital Intercoms

 - March 17, 2023, 12:50 PM
Becker Avionics' AMU6500 digital intercom. (Photo: Becker Avionics)

Aircraft can now be equipped with Becker Avionics’ DVCS6100 voice communication system and AMU6500 digital intercom paired together as a hybrid system, according to the Rheinmünster, Germany company.

Becker's DVCS6100 NVIS-compatible digital voice system controls eight transceivers, connects to six audio channels, includes an integrated alert tone generator for 10 signals, and provides interfaces to two cockpit voice recorders. The digital intercom AMU6500 audio management unit includes a connection to passenger telephone audio, 3D spatial audio, 12 transceivers, programmable soft keys and functions, and stereo sound.

When paired together, according to Becker, this “would allow DVCS6100 controls in the cockpit for the pilots and AMU6500 controls in the passenger compartment.” Passengers could connect to the AMU6500 via Bluetooth and listen to music from their devices or other sources and also make satellite voice calls “on a two-way line, operating as if it was a normal phone conversation.” Push-to-talk or voice activation is also available for communication between occupants.

Buyers can also opt for the installation of the ACU6510 control unit. When coupled with the AMU6500, it can control 12 transceivers, three AMU6500s, and six ACU6510s, which would allow for nine positions in an aircraft, each with full transmit and receive capability and AMU6500 features such as Bluetooth, stereo, and 3D audio.