VIP Completions Unveils Personalized Global Express

 - March 21, 2023, 4:46 PM
VIP completions unveiled a Bombardier Global Express that it recently completed with a "clean, bright, minimalist color palette." (Photo: VIP Completions)

Fort Lauderdale, Florida aircraft completions and refurbishment specialist VIP Completions recently delivered a Bombardier Global Express after completing its highly-personalized interior and exterior that “characterizes [the] owner’s unique style.”

“This aircraft is truly a work of art. The style is clean, bright, and characterized by a minimalist color palette. It features many unique design elements,” said VIP Completions president Ben Shirazi. “We delivered this aircraft to a long-standing valued client and collaborated with her personal designer to deliver an exceptional level of customization. For example, the divan features a weave and texture inspired by the classic Chanel bouclĂ© jacket—one of our client’s fashion trademarks.”

Along with the cabin’s custom finishings, the refurbishment included CMS control via Crestron touch panels embedded at each seat location, a fully-custom Alto MySound audio optimization system, upgraded high-definition monitors, dynamic RGB lighting, and a Plex media server.

“The CMS and IFE upgrades meet and exceed the caliber of comparable new aircraft entering service today. The exterior also makes a bold statement, standing out on any ramp and embodying its owner’s sophisticated sense of style,” Shirazi added. “Our team has really set a new standard for grace and elegance in business aircraft completions.”