Hangar Rash Prevention System Set for Takeoff

 - May 18, 2023, 11:31 AM
Hangar Safe's artificial intelligence differentiates between objects in the hangar while silently monitoring in the background, ready to sound an alert when a collision is near. (Image: Hangar Safe)

With annual general aviation “hangar rash” incidents estimated at more than $150 million a year in damages, recently launched Hangar Safe announced it will begin installations of its artificial-intelligence-powered hangar protection system to its first customers in the third quarter. The California-based company’s hangar rash prevention system monitors any aircraft movement in the hangar and uses patented technology along with a suite of installed sensors and cameras to provide operators with audio and visual warnings of impending collisions.

“The greatest system benefit is that there are no new employee procedures to teach,” said Ryan Crowl, company founder and owner of Bakersfield Jet Center, which was used as a testbed for the system. He noted the industry has been handling aircraft on the ground the same way for decades with little improvement in safety. “The system is actively watching, providing an extra layer of safety for the tug operator who carries out the task as usual.”

According to the company, it will complete the installations for its six initial customers by year-end and then begin focusing on reopening the order book starting in January.