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EAP Looks To Europe for Further Expansion

 - May 23, 2023, 9:12 AM
The EAP booth at EBACE 2023. (Photo: Alena Korenkov)

Dallas-based Engine Assurance Program (EAP; Booth W510) is eyeing growth in Europe based on the successes it is seeing in other global regions, including Australia. The company was founded to provide hourly engine maintenance programs for older business jet powerplants.

EAP has thrived as operators have benefitted from the reduced costs and increased availability that the company’s hourly engine maintenance programs provide. It supports powerplants from Honeywell (CFE738, TFE731), Pratt & Whitney (PW305, JT15D), Rolls-Royce (AE3007, Tay), and General Electric (CF34). Around 275 engines are currently enrolled.

Recently, the company positioned three engines in Australia to support customers in the region and now has 29 TFE731 Learjet engines enrolled, representing exactly half of the fleet in the country. Being able to achieve such success in a market with remote regions and limited access to resources underlines the value of the company’s approach of quick response backed up by ample spares stocks.

“Our success there is a testimony to how strong our support is and an indicator of how we will fare in more open markets,” said managing director Sean Lynch. “If we can be successful in that challenging climate, we’re confident that we can deliver the same level of support elsewhere. We’re excited about growing our market share in Europe.”

 The company claims that none of its clients has missed a trip for the lack of a rental engine. EAP has invested $15 million in buying engines, APUs, and parts to maintain and grow its stocks. In the past eight months, the company has added eight engines, a considerable achievement given the scarcity of engines.