EBACE Convention News

Garmin Keeps Aircraft Avionics Up to Date

 - May 23, 2023, 9:54 AM
The Garmin booth at EBACE 2023. (Photo: AIN)

The needs and requirements of business aircraft operators differ greatly from platform to platform and also regionally around the globe. According to Kyle Ludwick, aviation marketing manager at Garmin, some aircraft face avionics obsolescence, while others need updating to take advantage of new technology both in and out of the flight deck. “New regulations drive needs to update or upgrade aircraft and their avionics, too," he said, "and they can have regional focus due to specific regulators’ demands. We have solutions to modernize aircraft on both the technology and capability fronts, all while increasing capability and enhancing safety."

As part of its product development efforts, Garmin looks at the needs of the overall business aviation market, and it is also committed to tailoring its products by aircraft platform. “We offer a full Garmin package that leverages our entire retrofit avionics lineup [e.g., TXi flight displays, TXi EIS, GTN Xi navigators, GFC 600 autopilot, GTX transponders, and GWX weather radar]," Ludwick said. "With that solution, owners and operators can now benefit from more autopilot features and functions, increased situational awareness, and enhanced safety features."

For other platforms, Garmin leverages its G5000 integrated flight deck, which also incorporates technologies like FANS 1/A and ACARS support to meet the requirements to fly on the North Atlantic Track System, Ludwick affirms. “In both cases, we solved many needs and requests of operators—we solved parts obsolescence issues, helped owners meet new requirements derived from new regulations [e.g., ADS-B in the US and FANS 1/A and ACARS over the North Atlantic], and also added more capabilities to their flight decks to enhance safety and increase aircraft longevity.”

Garmin generally breaks down its forward-fit and retrofit options into two categories: integrated flight decks (e.g., G1000, G3000, G5000) and its full-Garmin retrofit solution lineup (e.g., TXi flight displays, GTN Xi Navigators, GFC digital autopilot series, GTX transponders, GWX weather radar, and GMA audio panels), and many of these products can be seen at Garmin's EBACE exhibit (Booth D62). “Both categories afford operators...capabilities that enhance the situational awareness of flight deck, bring safety-enhancing technologies like our Autonomí family to every phase of flight and increase the value and extend the life of airframes,” concluded Ludwick.