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Lilium Jet Cabin Mockup Shows the Future of eVTOL Flight

 - May 24, 2023, 8:18 AM
The Lilium Jet cabin preserves personal space. (Photo: David McIntosh)

The business aviation community got its first glimpse at what it will be like to travel in nascent eVTOL aircraft, with a full-scale mockup of the Lilium Jet unveiled this week at EBACE 2023. The German manufacturer (Booth D32) is exhibiting an example of the Pioneer Edition, which features a club-four seating configuration that gives more space than the standard six-seater Shuttle version.

Lilium plans to build just 50 Pioneer Edition aircraft, with charter operators eVolare and Air-Dynamic now accounting for 25 between them. This version of the all-electric Lilium Jet, which features 30 ducted fans in its canard and wings, is expected to be delivered by early 2026.

Externally, the most eye-catching feature of the cabin is a pair of large windows giving passengers a panoramic view without craning their necks. Inside, the color and strength of the lighting can be adjusted and owners can decorate a large leather ceiling panel to their taste.

“It’s their personal canvass,” Alberto Caruso, Lilium’s head of design and brand, told AIN. Customers can also specify the design and materials used for the lower section of the cabin console and features such as leather pockets in the cabin walls to store magazines and other items.

The Lilium Jet fuselage is longer than helicopters currently used for private aviation and somewhat resembles a light business jet in scale. “It’s not boxy like a helicopter or tube-shaped like a jet,” said Caruso.

An aisle between the two sets of seats gives each passenger a generous amount of personal space. Noise levels in the cabin are expected to be below 80 dBA.

The aircraft’s batteries are stored in cavities on each side of the fuselage. At current levels of energy and power density, the aircraft’s range will be limited to 155 miles. However, Lilium expects to be able to change these out within a few years for new batteries that would extend the range to almost 190 miles.

The Pioneer Edition eVTOL vehicle is priced at around $10 million, depending on which customization options buyers chose. The six-seat Shuttle model sells for $7 million, with the Premium version priced at around $8 million.

Buyers of the Pioneer Edition receive a comprehensive service package under their contracts with Lilium. Other customers can purchase this level of support separately or will be able to contract for maintenance services with approved providers.