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SD Showcasing Plane Simple Antenna at EBACE

 - May 25, 2023, 8:09 AM
Satcom Direct’s Plane Simple satcom fits on smaller business jets and provides access to the Intelsat Ku-band network. (Photo: Barry Ambrose)

Satcom Direct (SD; Booth T106) is showcasing its Plane Simple Ku-band, tail-mounted antenna system at EBACE this year. The Plane Simple terminal, which runs on Intelsat’s global satellite network, was purpose-built for the business aviation sector. Small enough to fit on small business jets, the compact antenna packs enough power to support streaming and videoconferencing on multiple devices. 

“We wanted something that was more efficient than anything else out there, and that didn't take up space in the baggage compartment,” SD chief commercial officer Michael Skou Christensen told AIN. He added that the simplicity of the design also makes it more durable and reliable. 

Because the design is modular, it can be easily adapted to be compatible with new technologies that may become available in the next decade or so, he explained. “Instead of having to exchange all of your installations, you exchange some of the main components, keeping the capital expenditure for adoption of new technologies down.”

SD partnered with Qest, a German firm that specializes in customized broadband antennas, to develop the Ku-band terminal, which consists of two LRUs: a modem and tail-mounted, electronically steerable antenna. 

Last week, the company received FAA supplemental type certificate (STC) approval for installation of the Plane Simple antenna system on Dassault Falcon 7Xs. Approvals for the Falcon 2000LX/LXS/S and 900EX/LX were obtained earlier this year. FAA STCs are also in hand for the Gulfstream G550, G450, V, V-SP, and IV-X.

Earlier this year, Gulfstream also selected SD’s FlightDeck Freedom communications platform as the default datalink system for in-production G500s, G600s, and G650ERs.