Airbus Military Delivers First C295 ASW

 - April 8, 2011, 10:15 AM
Chile recently took delivery of its first C295 equipped for anti-submarine warfare. It already has a C295 for maritime patrol and will take delivery of another anti-submarine version soon.

Airbus Military delivered the first C295 equipped for anti-submarine warfare (ASW) to Chile.

The twin-engine, medium transport aircraft is equipped with search radar, digital avionics, magnetic anomaly detector, underwing hardpoints for sonobuoys or torpedos and an acoustic processor. The mission system is Airbus Military’s own fully integrated tactical system, with positions for four tactical operators.

Airbus Military noted that the C295 ASW was the first such aircraft designed and certified in Europe since the 1960s-vintage Breguet Atlantic. Chile previously took delivery of a C295 MPA (maritime patrol aircraft), and will receive a second C295 ASW in a few months’ time.

Airbus Military and predecessor CASA have sold a total of 356 CN235 and C295 aircraft to 55 operators.