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Lockheed Martin Demonstrates ‘Infirno’ Sensor Turret

 - November 10, 2015, 1:22 PM

Lockheed Martin recently demonstrated the performance and reliability of its “Infirno” sensor turret.Infirno is a 15-inch sensor system that provides precision targeting and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capability for ground, air and maritime platforms. The system consists of nine modular components that allow the sensor to be reconfigured to meet changing technology and mission requirements.

According to Lockheed Martin, the recent test demonstrated Infirno’s ability to identify and laser-designate targets at extended ranges for maximum effectiveness of weapons. The system also captured high-definition infrared and color video in extreme temperatures under harsh environmental conditions.

“The demonstration confirmed Infirno’s ability to detect, recognize and identify targets with the pinpoint accuracy required by precision munitions,” said Paul Lemmo, Lockheed Martin vice president of fire control. The manufacturer planned additional tests this year and in early 2016, he added.