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Lockheed Martin Offers Aftermarket Improvements for C-130

 - October 30, 2017, 2:34 PM

C-130 manufacturer Lockheed Martin (Stand P6, 1190) has announced a series of aftermarket improvements for the Hercules four-engine turboprop, branded as Aeronautics Capabilities Solutions.

The Capabilities Solutions suite is designed to improve the C-130’s existing operational capabilities, reduce operating costs and improve availability, Lockheed Martin said. Improvements can be installed by C-130 operators, Lockheed Martin personnel, or at one of 17 Lockheed Martin-certified Hercules Service Centers.

“As the C-130’s original equipment manufacturer [OEM], Lockheed Martin has a commitment to support the worldwide C-130 fleet at all phases of its operation,” said George Shultz, general manager for Air Mobility and Maritime Missions. “With our OEM knowledge and strong industry partnerships, we know these Aeronautics Capabilities Solutions offer C-130 operators relevant solutions that both enhance and expand the capability of their Hercules fleets.”

The manufacturer said the following improvements are available: ice shield kit; APU exhaust duct kit; ECHS lock tester; ECHS lock tester calibration kit; flight control booster actuator upgrade; APU electrical connector/harness; lower fuselage protection system; microvanes; paratroop door, square window kit; flush toilet modification kit; wing fillet panel replacement kit; engine water wash hose upgrade; smoke detector; various support services.