Cirrus Teases Vision SF50 Performance Numbers

 - December 2, 2015, 6:27 PM

As Cirrus Aircraft completes the final requirements for FAA certification of the Vision SF50 single-engine jet, the company released details of a flight profile that sheds light on the personal jet’s performance capabilities. Although some of the jet’s performance targets have been known for many years, this is the first time the company has provided such detail.

The flight profile starts at a maximum ramp weight of 6,040 pounds, with a full usable fuel load of 296 gallons/1,983 pounds. Outside conditions are sea level ISA with no wind. The profile shows a takeoff ground roll of 2,036 feet, followed by a climb to the maximum altitude of FL280 in 20 minutes. The climb burns 32 gallons/214 pounds of fuel and covers 64 nm. At FL280, the Vision pilot can choose maximum continuous thrust cruise at 300 ktas burning 69 gph/462 pph, for a range (criteria not provided) of 1,000 nm. At best-economy cruise, fuel burn drops to 47 gph/315 pph and speed to 242 ktas, with range up to 1,200 nm. The descent is shown as max Vmo of Mach 0.53 but provides no fuel burn, distance or time information. Landing ground roll with full flaps is 1,721 feet.

Along with the profile, Cirrus cautioned, “However, while still in certification mode, please understand that we need to reserve the possibility of final numbers altering slightly for the published AFM.” Certification of the Vision SF50 was expected by the end of this year, but Cirrus has shifted that to the first half of next year.