Sun 'n Fun

Swift Fuels Introduces Unleaded 94UL Avgas Nationwide

 - April 6, 2016, 10:30 AM

West Lafayette, Ind.-based Swift Fuels’ CEO Chris D’Acosta was at Sun ’n Fun 2016, announcing that his company’s 94 octane 94UL unleaded fuel is rolling out nationwide in Avfuel trucks and pumps. D’Acosta maintains that 94UL is appropriate for use in as much as 64 percent of the U.S. fleet of general aviation aircraft.

“Aircraft that have an STC for autogas, light sport aircraft and those with TCDs can use our 94UL fuel today,” he explained. “It’s got no lead, low vapor pressure, no fuel system deposits, provides excellent spark plug life and has longer storage life than autogas,” D’Acosta continued. “For airports and FBOs, it is commercially insured for aircraft.”

D’Acosta told AIN that Swift Fuels has finalized the agreement for distribution that it announced last summer with Avfuel, and trucks are carrying 94UL to pumps at airports around the country. “We are a global company and, though Europe has other needs for fuels, we do have an agreement for distribution there,” he said.

The company's high-octane 102UL is one of two fuels recently selected for PAFI Phase 2 testing, and D’Acosta believes it will be available for high-performance piston-powered aircraft within the next three years. “We’ve got ASTM D7719 on 102UL already, and we’re just waiting for an FAA Phase 2 stamp of approval to roll it out.”

The company produces the fuels at its West Lafayette, Ind. plant, where it has storage and blending capabilities for up to 240,000 gallons of fuel. With its 94UL it hopes to educate the pilot population, airports and FBOs about the advantages of its no-lead product, according to D’Acosta. “102UL will work for 100 percent of the piston-engine aircraft in the U.S. We want people to know us and be ready for the fuel when it comes,” he said.