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Helitowcart Handles Helicopters on the Ground

 - March 4, 2017, 9:30 AM
R44/R66 wheel-tire combo

Helitowcart wants Robinson R44 and R66 ground handling to be easier, more convenient and smoother with newly developed designs for tow handles and wheel-tire combinations. This includes a tow handle with a bright-red anodization finish; the tow handle and its wheel can be readily disassembled for stowage under a seat or in a small space. Wheel hubs are aviation-grade aluminum to save weight for easier handling and to improve the weight-and-balance situation.

A skid pin introduced one year ago remains a key feature, with adjustable height of 1.75 or 2.2 inches (4.5 or 5.5 cm) for better clearance of objects such as hangar rails. Flexible mounting schemes permit usage on inner and outer skids to fit earlier R44s through recent R44s and R66s. Tow handles can be used on the left or right and cranked forward or aft as desired.

Helitowcart’s new Easy Roll wheel has solid rubber tires for manual handling on hard surfaces with less effort. The Quebec, Canada, company (Booth 8649) said the Easy Roll design provides customers with a broader assortment of choices to find a tire texture and wheel that meet their needs. The company’s Regular Wheel with pneumatic tires is still available, and this helps with smooth movement over hangar rails. The Wide Wheel tire is also available and helps protect turf grasses from helicopter movement. A gel-filled option is also available to maintain shock-absorption and eliminate tube maintenance.