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Outerlink Completes Iris Monitoring System

 - March 9, 2017, 2:52 PM

Outlerink's (Booth 9342) new Iris system gives customers a web-based tool that displays all the tracking data with complete aircraft system visibility. The new Iris console presents a virtual copy of the aircraft engine and airframe subsystem status by monitoring every caution and warning in the panel along with monitoring the geospatial movements of the aircraft.

The global tracking map lets customers see each aircraft's position and condition at a glance with simple color hues that indicate general tracking, phase of flight and aircraft condition. Due to constant monitoring and pre-programmed event triggers, the console immediately notifies customers and can optionally notify key management via e-mail or SMS messages.

"Having the ability to monitor all the aircraft systems live, coupled with the capability to push a button and talk to your entire fleet, gives an operator that extra level of safety and efficiency that has not been available until now," said Jeff Warner, Outerlink director of sales and marketing.