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Aspen Lowers VFR PFD Price During April

 - April 3, 2017, 11:56 AM
Aspen Avionics is offering $1,000 off the price of the VFR Primary Flight Display during the month of April.

Aspen Avionics is offering $1,000 off the list price of its VFR primary flight display for the month of April, dropping the price to $3,995. The FAA TSO- and STC-approved VFR PFD provides both an attitude indicator display on the top half of the unit and a compass/navigation display on the bottom half. Uniquely, Aspen LCDs directly replace original gyroscopic attitude indicators and directional gyros (and other conventional instruments) without requiring any modification to the instrument panel. Up to three Aspen displays can be installed in a typical general aviation aircraft instrument panel to provide PFD and multifunction display (MFD) capabilities and full redundancy.

The Aspen VFR PFD can be upgraded to the IFR Pro 1000 or Pro Plus PFD configuration via a software upgrade, although the VFR PFD does offer some basic IFR capabilities. VFR PFD features include airspeed indicator, true airspeed, groundspeed, altimeter, attitude, vertical speed, turn coordinator, OAT and wind indication. The bottom half shows a slaved directional gyro, course deviation needle and flight plan overlay. ADS-B weather and traffic can also be displayed for aircraft that are ADS-B IN-equipped. 

Aspen displays are equipped with an integral air data computer and attitude heading reference system as well as a built-in backup battery and emergency GPS. Available options include an analog converter unit to connect to autopilots to enable GPS steering; Aspen’s Evolution Hazard Awareness System to add weather, lightning and traffic information; and Aspen’s unique software-derived angle-of-attack indicating system, which requires no installation of external probes or hardware.