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GWX 75 Brings Doppler to More Aircraft

 - July 27, 2018, 9:57 AM
Garmin's new GWX 75 solid-state Doppler weather radar is available for installation in a wide variety of aircraft.

Garmin’s new GWX 75 solid-state weather radar is the latest addition to the company’s family of Doppler radars, and it shares the same footprint as the GWX 70 and is thus available for installation in a large variety of airplanes. The new radar is also available in a helicopter version, the GWX 75H.

With no magnetron to wear out and lower power consumption, the GWX 75 offers an enhanced color palette with more color contouring and 16 colors instead of the four on earlier radars. “You will see a much higher gradient,” said Jim Alpiser, Garmin director of aviation aftermarket sales.

The GWX series radars also provide 3D volumetric scanning and altitude-compensated tilt. Turbulence detection and ground-clutter suppression are optional.

Range of the GWX 75 is 320 nm, and it can scan horizontally up to 120 degrees, or the pilot can choose adjustable sector scanning. Vertical scanning allows the pilot to view storm tops, gradients, and storm cell build-up at various altitudes, according to Garmin.

To help mitigate shadowing from short-range cell activity, Garmin’s Weather Attenuated Color Highlight feature “highlights areas where radar returns are weakened or attenuated by intense precipitation to allow for more precise weather interpretation.”

The GWX 75 and 75H should be available in August and retail for $21,995 and $31,995, respectively. The new radars are compatible with certain Garmin flight decks, GTN 650/750 navigators, and TXi and G500/G600 displays. The GWX 75 is a direct replacement for the GWX 70, and the GWX 75 can also be upgraded to the GWX 80.