Sun 'n Fun

AviatorsMarket To Go Live at Sun 'n' Fun

 - March 28, 2019, 9:59 AM

Aviators Market Publishing is launching AviatorsMarket, a one-stop aviation shopping website, ranging from aircraft to avionics to pilot supplies and accessories, tomorrow during the opening day of the 2019 Sun 'n' Fun Fly-In.

“Online shopping has changed the way we do business,” said company CEO Ana Cunha-Fontes. “Our goal with AviatorsMarket is to do for online aviation shopping what the Wrights, Ford, and Aldrich did for their industries: revolutionize it. I know we can make the shopping experience better with our technologies and build a strong aviation community of users. We want to be more than just a place people will come to shop, but a place people will come to dream.”

An international business marketing and networking expert, Cunha-Fontes has assembled experts from around the U.S. to build the new shopping platform, hooking into Kevin Maloy as chief technology officer for the tech savvy needed to create the web platform. Maloy founded Fusionzone Automotive, which has been helping dealerships sell for nearly a decade.

The web platform is designed to minimize clicks-to-page. “We are a true internet company,” said Jeff LoParo, executive v-p of sales. “From the home page you can, with one click, chose from jets/turboprops for sale or light general aviation piston airplanes. If you are looking for engines or spare parts, avionics, instruments or electronics, interiors, aircraft-related services, even commercial or residential aviation properties have a corner of the website you can get to with one click from the home page.”

The organization of the website is anything but a list of classifieds. There’s enough video to keep the pages interesting and the display advertising is not intrusive. Shoppers can compare products side-by-side and save favorites, similar to the way Kayak or Trivago works. The sorting function can be pre-configured by the shopper, as well, to create a wish list.

“Shoppers can actually set a price in the website at which they’d be interested in a product, and the website will notify them if the ad changes to reflect that price range, so they can get back in touch,” said LoParo.

Cunha-Fontes and LoParo are banking on the intuitiveness of the site to amass both advertisers and shoppers, but to back that up they have built in a 24/7 help button that allows for multimode contact. Visitors can thus jump to a FAQ page, chat live with a representative, send an email, or call the company directly for help.