European Aircraft Can Upgrade to Garmin GI 275

 - February 4, 2021, 10:58 AM

Garmin has received EASA approval for its touchscreen GI 275 electronic flight instrument for installation in more than 1,000 single- and multi-engine aircraft models. The GI 275 series can replace traditional instruments in standard 3.125-inch (7.9375-centimeter) panel holes.

In addition to replacing attitude indicators, the GI 275 can be configured as a CDI or HSI, with inputs for two GPS sources and two VHF nav sources, as well as an optional magnetometer for magnetic-based HSI guidance. The GI 275 interfaces with third-party navigators, not just Garmin units, and a variety of autopilots, all without extra adapters.

As a CDI or HSI, the GI 275 can also display MFD features, including moving-map, weather, traffic, and terrain. This includes Garmin’s SafeTaxi airport diagrams, terrain shading and obstacles, audible and visual terrain proximity alerts, SiriusXM weather when paired with a GDL 69 datalink, and free FIS-B (ASD-B In) weather when paired with a GTX 345 or GNX 375. The GI 275 can also display radar altimeter information and can act as a standby display.

In addition to flight instruments, the GI 275 can display engine information in single- and multiengine aircraft, including RPM, manifold pressure, oil pressure and temperature, cylinder head temperature, exhaust gas temperature, turbine inlet temperature, fuel flow, fuel quantity, fuel pressure, volts, and amps, as well as lean-assist and exceedance alerting.