Sun 'n Fun

The Island 'Social Hub' Lands at Sun 'n Fun 2023

 - March 26, 2023, 6:30 PM

This year’s Sun 'n Fun Aerospace Expo will host The Island, a newly added “social hub” sponsored by The Island of The Bahamas and surrounded by seaplanes. Amenities at The Island include a cafe, entertainment, restrooms, showers, a storefront for personal and aircraft camping needs, grocery delivery, an Uber terminal, and a tram system hub. The area also houses the Pilot Welcome Center—a stage for forums and movies, as well as “a gathering area to reconnect with old friends and make new ones while sharing aviation stories.”

In addition, Sun 'n Fun organizers have partnered with The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism Investments & Aviation to hold a Grand Bahama fly-out after the airshow from April 2 to 5. This event is intended to highlight the ease of flying to the Bahamas, which is 50 miles off the eastern coast of Florida.

“It is an effortless experience, well within the capabilities of most certified, experimental, and even light-sport single-engine aircraft,” the partners said.