Jan 4, 2021

Announcing the Top Flight Awards Safety Category Winner

AIN is proud to announce the winner of the 2020 Top Flight Awards Safety category: Garmin Autoland.

Autoland is now available for the Piper M600 SLS and Daher TBM 940 turboprop singles and the Cirrus SF50 G2 single-engine jet. It is designed to safely fly an airplane from cruising altitude to a suitable runway, then land the airplane, apply brakes, and stop the engine.

The system is designed so that a passenger can switch it on and understand what is happening. When engaged, Autoland immediately turns the airplane toward the nearest suitable airport while displaying on all three cockpit displays carefully designed information including infographics, moving maps, and synthetic vision. At the same time, a smoothly modulated voice guides passengers through the process.

Visit http://www.ainonline.com/topflightawards to see the nominees for this year’s awards.

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