Dec 7, 2021

APS Virtual Reality Upset Training Wins Top Flight Award for Training Innovation

AIN is pleased to announce the winner of the 2021 Top Flight Awards Training Innovation category: Aviation Performance Solutions--Virtual Reality Upset Training

Aviation Performance Solutions is now using virtual reality technology for the maximum transference of upset prevention and recovery training skills to a customer’s specific aircraft type.

Loss of control in-flight is responsible for nearly 50 percent of all fatalities in aviation worldwide, and upset prevention and recovery training is the most effective mitigation. VR allows pilots to consolidate knowledge on their own aircraft type following APS’s integrated academic, on-aircraft, and advanced simulator training. In addition to having a photorealistic model of the aircraft’s flight deck, the VR simulator's software incorporates accurate aerodynamic modeling to mimic the handling characteristics of the customer's aircraft. Other benefits include the ability to replicate in-flight upset scenarios at low altitudes and/or in instrument meteorological conditions. A unique feature of APS’s VR solution is the ability to visualize the aircraft externally during an upset. This allows a great opportunity for a conversation between the instructor and student on topics such as lift vector orientation, maneuvering room at low altitude, and recovery strategies.

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