Dec 19, 2017

Russian Amphibious Beriev BE-200ES Drops Water in Dubai Airshow Flying Display

Russian Manufacturer United Aircraft brought one of the more interesting aircraft to this year’s Dubai Airshow, the Be-200ES multipurpose amphibian, and highlighted the twin-engine airplane’s capabilities with water-drop demonstrations.

Powered by two Motor Sich D-436TP turbofans, each developing over 16,800 pounds of takeoff thrust, the Be-200ES can land in Sea State 3 conditions and carry up to 3,170 gallons of water.

Refilling the jet’s massive tanks is done via water scooping, at a hydroplaning speed of 80 to more than 100 knots.

The versatile Beriev is also designed for cargo carrying, search-and-rescue, and air-ambulance missions.

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