Oct 12, 2021

Tour the New Gulfstream G400’s Cabin Interior

Gulfstream announced two new large-cabin twinjets on October 4th: the G800 and the G400. The former will be able to fly an industry-leading 8,000 nautical miles, while the latter’s range will be about half that. During the event, the company also took the wraps off its all-new showroom at its Savannah, Georgia headquarters.

Here, customers can view cabin interior mockups and can get a taste of materials that they can choose for their own custom interior. A focal point of the showroom is the G400 mockup, which doubles as a projection screen for presentations of the model’s features.

The G400 is based on the G500 and G600 models, with the same fuselage cross section, but with a shorter overall length. We were given a tour of the new aircraft’s interior with Gulfstream’s director of interior design, Tray Crow.

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