May 9, 2023

True Blue Power Adds Lithium Batteries for Light Aircraft

True Blue Power unveiled two main ship lithium-ion batteries designed for smaller general aviation aircraft at the Aircraft Electronics Association Convention. This fills in the company's line of lithium batteries for all segments of aviation, from experimental aircraft to business jets and commercial and military aircraft. The batteries are available for 14- and 28-volt electrical systems.

Both new batteries retail for $2,499 and have on-condition maintenance, “ intelligent cockpit communication via discrete output and RS-232," and come with integral charge current limiting. Weight savings compared to lead-acid batteries is about 20 pounds; each battery weighs 10 pounds. The TB14 for 28-volt aircraft is a 13-amp-hour battery, while the 14-volt TB28-12V is a 26-amp-hour battery. True Blue Power plans to obtain supplemental type certification for the TB14 and TB28-12V in a variety of aircraft models.

In addition to the weight savings, lithium main ship batteries provide faster and more reliable engine starts, according to parent company Mid-Continent, as well as “superior performance in extreme temperatures, from -20 degrees to +70 degrees C.” Maintenance costs are lower, by up to 90 percent, while battery life is eight years and capacity checks are not required.

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