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BAE Systems Offers New-Tech EW System for Export

The Storm EW system can protect diverse platforms against proliferating advanced air defense systems.
Belgian F-16

BAE To Develop Battery System for Heart's ES-30 Hybrid-electric Regional Airliner

The Controls and Avionics Solutions division of the UK-based aerospace group produces electrical systems for multiple industrial vehicles.
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BAE Adds Cedar Rapids To Locations with New Facilities

BAE Systems opened a new plant in Cedar Rapids, Iowa a month after opening facilities in Austin, Texas, Huntsville, Alabama, and Manchester, New Hampshire.
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BAE Develops Flight Controls for Supernal eVTOL

Aerospace group BAE is designing a lightweight, fly-by-wire system for the five-seat eVTOL vehicle being developed by Hyundai Motor subsidiary Supernal.
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Cabin Interior and Electronics

BAE Opens New Manufacturing Plant in Austin

BAE's newest facility in Austin, Texas, will be dedicated to engineering and manufacturing of programs such as autonomy, cyber, and sensor development.
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BAE Systems Awaits UK Combat Air Strategy

There are moves afoot in the UK to ensure it at least retains the capability to build whole military aircraft in the future.
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