Eutelsat OneWeb


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Satcom Direct Introduces ESA Pricing Plan as Tests Continue

Among the offers is a nothing-up-front three-year plan with a monthly fee
Viasat satelite
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Avcon Jet Launches Satcom Direct’s Plane Simple ESA Array

Avcon Jet has selected Satcom Direct to provide a range of fuselage- and tail-mounted antennas
Avcon Jet launches SD Plane Simple antenna
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STC Underway for Eutelsat OneWeb Satcom in Boeing 737

OneWeb promises system speeds of up to 195 Mbps download
Aloft AeroArchitects
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Gogo’s HDX Galileo Antenna Connects to OneWeb Network

Satcom service on the low-earth-orbit network is set to begin later this year
Gogo techs installing HDX antenna on roof for satellite commmunications testing