Hawker Beechcraft



MU-300: Japan’s Sparkling Gem

The Diamond evolved into the Beechjet
Mitsubishi Diamond (MU-300) production line

Hawker Accident Caused by Delayed Go-around Attempt

According to the NTSB, the crew's delayed decision to go-around caused a hard landing that substantially damaged the airplane and injured the copilot.
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Thailand To Choose Beechcraft Light Attack and Trainer Aircraft

Although not confirmed by the manufacturer, it seems that Thailand has selected the Beechcraft T-6 and AT-6 to answer training and light attack needs.
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FAA Issues Proposed AD To Prevent JT15D Flameouts

The FAA and Pratt & Whitney Canada believe they have found the cause of three high-altitude double engine flameouts on Pratt & Whitney Canada JT15D-5-power