Airbus A330

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Trent Engine Upgrades Cover Fuel Efficiency and Reliability

The A350-900's new Trent XWB-84 turbofans will burn 1% less fuel
Rolls-Royce Trent XWB engine

Airbus Prepares To Start Testing Hydrogen APU on A330 Airliner

Auxiliary power units support non-propulsive electrical power needs of aircraft
H3 Dynamics hydrogen fuel cell auxiliary power unit

Korean Air A330 Suffers Major Damage During Overrun in Cebu

A runway excursion involving Korean Air A330-300 halted operations at the Philippines’ Mactan Cebu International Airport.
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Amazon to Lease 10 EFW A330-300 Converted Freighters

Hawaiian Airlines will operate converted freighter aircraft for online retailing giant Amazon.

Brazil Welcomes First Airbus A330 Into Service

The two A330s will be converted into tanker/transports to restore a capability lost with the retirement of the Boeing KC-137 in 2013.
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Final AF447 Report Suggests Pilot Slavishly Followed Flight Director Pitch-Up Commands

French BEA report said that the pilot flying kept pulling the stick and this caused the Airbus A330 to stall and prevented a recovery.
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