Gulfstream GV/G550

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Cabin Interior and Electronics

Jeff Bonner R&D Showcases Pleated Window Shade System for Bizjets

Engineering company offers retrofit shades for Challengers and G550s
JBRND pleated window shade
Maintenance and Modifications

Jet East Techs Tackle G550 Composite Cowling Repair

Work blends creativity with engineering prowess
A composite cowling repair for a G550

Gulfstream's Latest G550 Heads for EMS in China

Beijing Red Cross Emergency Center expressed an interest in also adding a G650ER to its fleet, Gulfstream said.
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Drake Group Acquires Parachute STC for Gulfstreams

The Drake Group has acquired the STC it helped develop, which permits parachuting humans and cargo from Gulfstream GV/G550 aircraft.

Drake Group Wins STC for Parachuting from Gulfstream GV/G550

Mod allows airborne delivery of emergency medical supplies and survival equipment
Maintenance and Modifications

Drake Wins STC for Parachuting from GV

Mod also allow for delivery of cargo via parachute from the Gulfstream twinjet
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