TBM 900 Series

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Daher Commemorates Margrit Waltz's 960th Ferry Flight

The 960th flight involved a trip in a TBM 960
 Ferry pilot Margrit Waltz and Nicolas Chabbert, the CEO of Daher's Aircraft Division at Aero Friedrichshafen (Photo: Daher/JMB)

Daher Ramping Up TBM, Kodiak Production

Company plans to deliver 60 TBMs and 25 Kodiaks this year
Kodiak production in Sandpoint, Idaho

Daher On Track for Hybrid-electric Airplane in 2027

EcoPulse demonstration flights helping to guide new aircraft program
Daher EcoPulse

Daher Adds More Pilot-assist Features to TBM 960

Additions include a pilot inactivity monitoring system, 3D SafeTaxi, and graphical weight and balance
Daher TBM 960 Model Year 2024

Daher Deliveries, Orders Remain Stable in 2023

Daher delivered 74 TBMs and Kodiaks, up one from a year earlier
Kodiak 900 and TBM 960 in flight (Photo: Daher)

Daher Delivers Milestone 100th TBM 960 Aircraft

Kevin Kaseff transitioned from a piston-engine airplane to the TBM 960 turboprop
100th TBM 960 delivery

Daher Hands Over 500th TBM 900

Nearly 100 of the latest TBM 960s have been handed over
TBM 500th

EcoPulse Readies for First Electric Flight

The EcoPulse technology demonstrator has hitherto only flown on turboprop power
Daher EcoPulse

Daher Confirms Kodiak and TBM Production in Florida

Daher intends to establish second production lines for TBM and Kodiak aircraft at a new facility in Stuart, Florida, acquired from Spirit AeroSystems.
Daher TBM 960 five-bladed propeller