EAA AirVenture 2019

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Maintenance and Modifications

Flightdocs Brings Maintenance Tracking to a Higher Level

Flightdocs charges an annual subscription per aircraft in different tiers, from Robinson helicopters to a Boeing 777.

AirVenture 2019

The past, present, and future appeared together at the GA mecca
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Icon Aircraft Delivers 100th A5

Icon Aircraft's production rates are accelerating as the 100th A5 is delivered.
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RDD Enterprises Wants to Upgrade Amateur-built Hot Rod

Three experienced GA veterans have a business plan built on completing 10 airplanes per year.
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Light Aircraft Group Optimistic on Coming Rule Changes

The Light Aircraft Manufacturers Association leader told journalists he sees good news on the horizon for LSAs.

Elevated UAM Landing Sites Pose Challenges

Expert cautions care in designing rooftop landing pads for eVTOLs.

Aspen Drives Price Down With Painless Upgrades

Albuquerque, New Mexico-based Aspen believes avionics should be able to grow with a pilot's needs.
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Redesigned Sabrewing Cargo Drone Can Carry Much More

Sabrewing cargo drone has a range of up to 1,000 nm and a useful load of 8,000 lbs.

More Safety Training For Primary Helo Students Urged

Safety tools should be incorporated in primary, recurrent helo pilot training, says professor.
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'Electrolite' Ultralight Announced

Deliveries of Aeromarine LSA's $20,000 all-electric Part 103 ultralight will begin later this year.