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Pre-owned Update: October 2016

Signs point to a strong finish to the year, but some uncertainty remains.

Pre-owned Update: August 2016

With great values out there, the quarter could be busy.

Pre-owned Update: June 2016

Pre-owned Update: June 2016

Pre-owned Update: April 2016

As the year begins to unfold we are continuing to see some major price adjustments.

Pre-owned Update: February 2016

This year looks to be a challenging one for pre-owned sales.

Pre-owned Update: November 2015

Several markets are seeing a severe lack of buyer interest.

Pre-owned Update: September 2015

Market poised to pick up again after a slow summer.

Pre-Owned Update: July 2015

Number of choices–and prices–depends on what model you want.

Pre-owned Update: May 2015

Expect inventory to shrink in the second quarter.

Pre-owned Update: March 2015

As is typical for the beginning of the year, early 2015 is seeing a relative slowdown in pre-owned activity.

Pre-owned Update: January 2015

Pre-owned inventory has been shrinking, despite a growing worldwide fleet that added more than 525 new aircraft in 2014.

Pre-owned Update: November 2014

The supply of late-model aircraft in North America continues to get tighter, motivating buyers to see what the European market has to offer.

Pre-owned Update: July 2014

Pent-up demand could shorten the traditional summer slump.

Pre-owned Update: May 2014

Buying action heats up but low prices are holding steady.

2011 Preowned Market Report

Large-cabin, long-range jet prices stabilized early; now older jets are getting buyer attention